Miscarriage is a terrible loss for any couple, but when a woman miscarries more than once it can truly be a trauma. Fortunately, with adequate diagnosis, couples that have experienced more than one miscarriage can achieve pregnancy and have a healthy child.

At IMF we thoroughly study the couple and we help them deal with the situation with support that they require to achieve pregnancy and have a healthy baby.

When a patient has miscarried twice or more, we perform a work-up focusing on an in-depth study of these factors. Sometimes surgery is required, other times medication like anticoagulants, hormones or antibiotics are prescribed. Occasionally, no cause can be found. These patients sometimes need a Preimplantational Genetic Diagnosis to achieve a viable pregnancy (LINK) while other patients may opt for egg donation.

Even though recurrent miscarriages are in important challenge for any couple, for some patients the treatment is simple.


There are a variety of causes of recurrent miscarriages:

Causas aborto de repetición

    • Chromosomal abnormalities.
    • Anatomical or structural problems such as fibroids, polyps, or scar tissue.
    • Autoimmune diseases.
    • Blood clotting problems
    • Poor oocyte quality.
    • Genetic abnormalities in sperm.

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