In cases of familiar background with genetic disorders it is recommended to perform a consultation with a geneticist to be able to evaluate the possibilities of having a healthy son, it can be necessary to perform genetic tests before trying to get pregnant.

It is a communication process in which the couple or the patient has the opportunity of solving all its doubts. It is very important the intervention of an expert credited in genetics in this process, who in an objective way could inform the couple about the risk of occurrence (risk of appearance) or recurrence (risk of repetition) of an alteration of genetic origin in its descent, evolution, treatments and future complications. Along the process there will be reconstructed the background history of both familiar branches by means of a genealogical tree to analyze the type of heredity, to detect bearers and to determine the suitability of the PGD.

The goal of this genetic consultation is the evaluation of risk, determination of the hereditary pattern and suitable genetic advice, helping the couple to take free and responsibly of its decisions solving its doubts.

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