In Spain almost 20% of couples who decide to have a baby, have fertility problems and need help of assisted reproductive techniques in order to achieve they desires.

The causes are varied but one of the more common in women, is a low ovarian reserve or poor egg quality. The most fertile age in women coincides with the time of professional training and positioning, typically involving postponement of motherhood, and the consequent increase of the difficulty in achieving pregnancy.

Lifestyle, stress, inadequate diet, abuse of alcohol and tobacco, lack of physical exercise or environmental contamination, also make suffer our reproductive capacity. Numerous national and international studies, demonstrate the lowering both in quantity and semen quality, in the case of males.

As Specicialist profesionals in fertility, we believe that is our obligation to raise awareness in society about this important issue and for this reason we propose PREVENTION

  • Consultation with gynecologist specialist in fertility.
  • Ultrasound Control: Review of uterus, endometrium, and antral follicle count (markers of ovarian reserve).
  • Hormonal blood work (markers of ovarian reserve and quality). Must be done on day 1-5 of cycle (start of menstrual period).
  • Consultation to discuss results
  • Semen Analysis: basic analysis of the fresh semen specimen that evaluates the physical qualities (volume, pH, appearance, color, liquefaction, viscosity) the sperm concentration and total number of sperm, as well as mobility, vitality and sperm morphology.
  • Consultation to discuss results