We know that the decision to have a child is perhaps the most important of your personal life therefore it is our goal to provide our patients the most appropriate treatment, which will go from the simplest, in some cases, the most advanced and complex in others.


The wide experience of our professionals will give you the peace of mind to be in the best hands

Personalized care

We will spend the time that you need both in the first consultation, such as in the successive visits.


You are our priority. That’s why we are open to all the days of the year.

Psychological support

We take care of the emotional state of our patients throughout the entire treatment. We know the emotional strain of the difficulty to have a son, for both personal and of the couple.

Treatments and innovative tecniques

Research and continuous training of our team in the latest techniques, in conjunction with the most innovative technology enables us to provide you with a high quality monitoring and optimize your chances for having a child.

Success rates

9 Out of 10 patients achieved its goal of having a healthy baby at home. With all the existing techniques and treatments in assisted reproduction, we can attend all the cases with a guarantee for success.


You will have all the information. Having effective and complete information during the process will give you security and the feeling of having more control over its evolution.

All types of families

The Spanish law on assisted reproduction recognizes that all persons have the right to use these techniques with independence of their marital status or sexual orientation. At MFI all types of family are welcome.

We finance your treatment

We want you to focus in your treatment centers and don’t worry of everything else, financial line for our patients.

Do you want more information ?

From Easyfiv IMF we will be happy to answer any type of doubt, why not try?

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