Sperm cryopreservtion is where semen is frozen in liquid nitrogen, where it is stored at -196º, maintaining its fertilizing capacity for years. Therefore, this possibility should be offered to every man who undergoes surgical, medical and radiation treatments that may affect sperm production.

The current Assisted Reproduction law in our country establishes the legal framework within which this technique is performed. The patient is the only one who can decide the fate of his frozen semen.

Fertility preservation in patients with cancer?

Advances in oncology therapy have considerably improved survival rates. Over 5% of cancer diseases affect patients under 35 years of age and although treatment often results in being cured, loss of fertility often results due to the toxicity of the drugs used.

In most men sperm disappear within 2-3 months after beginning chemotherapy. Although sometimes fertility can be recovered, depending on the drugs and doses used, duration of treatment and individual sensitivity of the patient, though permanent consequences are typical.

In some cases sperm production starts again, but may be altered as a result of these treatments. Thus, even with sperm formation recovery, it is advisable to freeze sperm before starting chemotherapy.

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