What is the embryoscope?

It is an incubator of the latest technology which allows us to observe the embryo’s evolution from the moment of fertilization until the moment of the transfer to the patient’s uterus; this non-invasive technique allows a substantial improvement in results of embryo implantation and thereby increases the pregnancy rate

Pregnancy rate increase

This technology avoids extracting the embryo from the incubator, and by not having to handle it the chances of pregnancy are increased. The Embryoscope significantly improves growth conditions and conventional embryo selection methods.
Embryos that reach certain rates of division and adequate morphological changes have between 10 and 15% higher chance of implantation.

Elementos de mejora frente a los incubadores convencionales
  • Reduces pre-embryo handling

  • Improvement of growth conditions
  • Improves embryo selection

  • Allows to record images and video sequences from the biological beginnings of the baby
  • Increases and improves embryo information for future parents
IMF has been equipped with this innovative incubator since 2011.
The results of the studies we are carrying out report exceptional insights regarding the development of the embryo, and allow our specialists to perform embryo selection with higher expectations of success with advanced studies of embryonic development.