It is a state-of-the-art incubator, which allows us to observe the evolution of the embryo from the moment of fertilization, until the transfer to the uterus of the patient, this non-invasive technique allows a substantial improvement in the results of embryo implantation and therefore both an increase in the pregnancy rate.

With this technology, it is avoided to remove the embryo from the incubator, which increases the chances of pregnancy by not having to manipulate it. The Embryoscope significantly improves culture conditions and conventional embryo selection methods. Embryos that meet certain division times and adequate morphological changes have between 10 and 15% more chances of implantation.

Since 2011, IMF has had this innovative incubator. The results of the studies that we are conducting are providing us with exceptional information on the development of the embryo, and allow our specialists to carry out embryo selection with greater expectations of success and to advance in a more in-depth study of embryonic development.


Improvement elements compared to conventional incubators


    • Reduces pre-embryo handling
    • Improvement of growth conditions
    • Improves embryo selection
    • Allows to record images and video sequences from the biological beginnings of the baby
    • Increases and improves embryo information for future parents

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