The egg donation consists of a treatment of in vitro fertilization using donor eggs. This makes possible that women who might not have children with other techniques can accomplish they desire to be mothers.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, IMF have a oocytes donation program very efficient, with out waiting list, which will help them to achieve their dream more desired, a son.

The average rate of pregnancies with this technique is very high (50-70 %).


Egg donation indications

    • Women with ovarian failure by menopause, ovarian surgery or with treatments of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, etc.
    • Women who cannot use their own oocytes by poor quality or carriers of serious diseases of genetic transmission, which cannot be detected by Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.
    • Patients with low response to stimulation, repeated failure embryo implantation or repeated miscarriages.

Development of treatment

The egg donor donates her oocytes anonymously and disinterested, these oocytes after being fertilized with the sperm from the male partner or donor if necessary and will result in the embryos to be transferred to the recipient.

The egg donor selection, is performed after studying its compatibility with the couple and after receiving a very strict control of selection according to the law on assisted reproduction, which includes:

  • Medical and gynecological examination.
  • Complete blood work studies, including serology of infectious diseases.
  • Caryotype. Discards the most frequent hereditary diseases.
  • Psychological evaluation.

After the egg donor retrieval, the oocytes collected are fertilized in the laboratory with the semen of the male who has been previously prepared in laboratory

The follow-up to the embryonic development is crucial for a proper selection of the best embryos. Often, as a result of the treatment, more than 2 embryos are created, that may be cryopreserved by vitrification, this is frozen, so that the patient can dispose of them in the future.

The recipient of oocytes she won’t have to perform the stages of ovulation stimulation or the egg retrieval, which are performed by the egg donor. After a simple treatment, which consists of administering oral, vaginal or transdermal estrogen, to the uterus be receptive to the embryo implantation, embryos obtained by IVF are transferred to the uterus of the recipient woman. After the embryo transfer, a normal development of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding is done. After delivery, the newborn is registered as the son of the pregnant woman like any other birth.

IMF treats patients from different communities and countries; our donation program of oocytes coordinates the entire process so that the patients are the shortest possible time out of their habitual residence.

Success rates

Egg devitrification (percentages)

Total patients 48%
Under 36 years 59%
Between 36 and 40 years 45%
Older than 40 years 30%

Egg donation (percentages)

Total patients 62%
Under 36 years 65%
Between 36 and 40 years 60%
Older than 40 years 59%

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