In assisted reproduction treatments, selection of those sperm with the greatest potential is crucial in achieving pregnancy.

The annexin column technique, also called MACS (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting), is a new efficient and noninvasive method that entails a new evolution in sperm selection during assisted reproduction because it allows reproductive treatments with highly purified samples and with low DNA fragmentation.

Thus we get higher pregnancy rates and ongoing pregnancy fertilization because potential problems are reduced and the chances of getting better quality embryos are increased.


The application of the annexin column technique is in patients with:

Annexin column

    • Increased percentage of sperm with fragmented DNA
    • Altered FISH
    • Low rate of embryonic fertilization
    • Low embryonic quality
    • Unexplained infertility
    • Use of frozen samples
    • Serious seminal factor
    • Patients who have undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy
    • When considered suitable according the medical records of the couple

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