Emotional exhaustion (feeling of helplessness, guilt or frustration…) and the psychological stress that one or both members of a couple may experience during assisted reproduction treatments, supposes frequently an alteration in personal self-esteem and in the dynamics of the partner itself that can endanger the stability of the latter, as well as the necessary continuity and efficacy in the treatments.

Experience shows us that these problems can be alleviated if both members of the couple are involved in the treatment , have the necessary information about the process, and have adequate psychological counseling. For this reason, at IMF we have considered it essential to have a psychological support service directed by a specialist in this field.


Services included

    • Telephone support and psychological monitoring service.
    • Consultation of psychological orientation, in order to offer help during the process of assisted reproduction treatments.
    • Thematic group workshops guided by a specialized psychologist.

Services not included

    • Continued psychological support process, in those cases where the symptoms appear in a stable and permanent way, generating a more significant mental discomfort. It may be started by prescription of the Institute psychologist or be requested by patients.

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